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Advice When Buying Refurbished Wafer Stages For Wafer Steppers

In order to create circuit elements on chips, a device known as a wafer stepper is needed. You may eventually have to replace some of this machine's parts, such as the wafer stage. If so, make sure you take a couple of precautions when going the refurbished route. 

Find Out Exactly How the Stage Was Retooled

Refurbished wafer stages are different than used varieties because they'll go through a retooling process where various problems are addressed. Whereas used wafer stages are just sold as-is. To make the best selection possible for this refurbished component, find out exactly how retooling took place.

What repairs or restorations were done to deem the wafer stage as refurbished? Maybe structural damage was addressed or the wafer stage was broken down and then thoroughly cleaned. Finding out these insights will help you better understand what condition the wafer stage is now in and that's key for making a quality purchase.

Look for a Vendor That Specializes in Wafer Stepper Refurbishing

If you want to feel great about the condition of a refurbished wafer stage when you buy it, then try finding a company that specializes in refurbishing this particular wafer stepper component. Then you know they possess the right skills and experience to perform meaningful refurbishments in a way that suits your budget.

You won't have to second-guess how the wafer stage is retooled regardless of the condition that it comes in. An experienced refurbishing company can also easily walk you through their restoration steps for wafer stages so that you feel confident in the condition and subsequent performance you'll get out of this wafer stepper part.

Have Refurbished Wafer Stage Tested Out on Similar Equipment

Testing is critical for any refurbished parts you purchase for a wafer stepper system. It lets you know how successful the refurbishing was and what type of future performance you can get out of this part. You just need to make sure this testing is performed using similar equipment to yours.

Make sure the company performing this refurbishing process has wafer steppers that are like yours so that when they test out the refurbished wafer stage, you know the results will be meaningful, and thus give you confidence as the buyer.

If you want to save money when purchasing replacement parts for a wafer stepper, you can get a refurbished variety. It can work out as long as you know what to get out of this wafer stepper refurbishing process. To learn more, contact a company like Lithography Solutions, LLC.