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2 Advantages of Using Hex Head vs. Square Head Bolts for Your Factory's Equipment

When you work with thick materials or large pieces of machinery, using the right bolt to connect the pieces is crucial for durability and safety. While searching for the proper type of bolt for your projects, you may have come across the option to use either square head or hex head bolts. If you are undecided as to which type of bolt you should use, consider the advantages that hex heads have over square head bolts.

1.  Hex Heads Are Accessible from All Angles for Tightening and Loosening

One advantage that using hex bolts offers over their square counterparts is that the shape allows for easier accessibility from all angles to make tightening and loosening the bolts easier. With square head bolts, you would only have four sides that are accessible to the wrench.

If you are working in a tight area, having to place your hand and wrench in an awkward position will affect your ability to grab onto the square head. You may not be able to tighten the bolt enough to secure the pieces, and you run the risk of hitting your hand on a nearby surface when trying to apply force to the wrench.

However, since hex bolts offer six sides for accessibility, you can more easily find a good position on which to fit the wrench. This allows you to turn the wrench at a better angle, allowing for a more secure hold.

2.  Thicker Head on the Hex Bolt Provides for Better Fastening Torque

Another benefit that hex bolts give you over square ones is that the former has a thicker, wider head than the latter. When you use a square bolt with a thinner head, you may not be able to apply as much fastening torque as needed to provide a secure hold.

Not only do you run the risk of having an unsecured hold, but since the head is smaller, there is a greater risk of it digging into the metal or wood surfaces and damaging them.

However, because of the hexagonal shape of the hex bolts, they give you a wider, thicker head on which to apply the torque. Because of the larger head surface, the pressure is more evenly distributed, making digging into the material less likely when high amounts of torque are applied.

If you need bolts that allow for easy accessibility in tight spaces and higher fastening torque, hex heads may be more suited for your needs. Contact an industrial and manufacturing that offers hex head bolts to learn more about their advantages as well as available options, such as material, threading, and size.