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Safety Tips For Novice Structural Steel Erectors

Since hazards are involved in structural steel erection, safety is of the upmost importance. It can be the difference in saving lives and getting erectors more comfortable with their surroundings. If you're pursuing this type of work, consider these safety tips from the very beginning. 

Observe Inspection Policies

Once steel frameworks and materials are erected on a work site, inspection is a requirement. It helps ensure things were done the right way to keep issues from happening in the future.

If you're a steel erector, you want to observe these inspection policies all the way through because it will help you and the rest of your erection team remain compliant.

If inspections do highlight problems, at least you'll know and can bring them up to the manager in charge of overseeing adjustments. 

Utilize Slip-Resistant Solutions

When you're working with large steel materials or are up on them high in the air, you need to always be capable of retaining your footing. That keeps you firmly planted in the correct positions to avoid injury. You can achieve this consistently and confidently if you invest in the right slip-resistant solutions.

It could be a good pair of work boots with outsoles made of slip-resistant materials or perhaps matting you place on top of scaffolds and rigs, preventing you from losing your footing. Just review recommended slip-resistant solutions for your erection operations so that slipping and falling are not chronic events that lead to injury. 

Be in Tune With Other Erectors

Structural steel erection is an activity that involves multiple erectors working at the same time. Sometimes this is the only way to get things done safely and efficiently. As such, you need to be in tune with other erectors around the work site.

Observe their movements and learn how to communicate effectively with them. That is the best way to avoid making mistakes that would cause severe injuries, such as equipment colliding into structural steel beams or beams not being moved in a safe manner. If you're aware of their actions and yours, mistakes won't be as problematic.

Steel erection is an important yet potentially dangerous line of work. Every steel erector starting out needs to know certain things from a safety standpoint. If you learn what these are and keep them in mind every day out on the job site, you can bring safety to your operations and those around you. 

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