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3 Reasons To Use Foam Inserts To Protect Your Industrial Equipment Against Damage

If your business works with industrial hand tools, it's important to find a storage and transportation solution to maintain the quality of your equipment. You never want to discover that your tools have been damaged in transit to a worksite or when you need to use them as part of your day-to-day manufacturing operations. To keep your tools in the best condition and prevent downtime, you can use foam inserts in your storage cases, cabinets, and toolboxes. Here are 3 of the top reasons to utilize foam inserts to protect your equipment. 

1) They stop movement inside a storage case

Tools that are not snugly anchored within a hard storage box are bound to sustain some damage whenever you pick up or move the case. The loose tools could shift and hit the side of the container or other tools with enough force to cause serious damage. This is especially troublesome if the tools have sensitive calibration capabilities. Even the slightest harm to these tools can lead to incorrect measurements or overall functionality later. Foam inserts help to eliminate this problem by providing spots for the tools to rest inside, as the pockets are precisely matched to the exact size of each particular item. This ensures that your tools and equipment are secure enough to not become dislodged and roll around in a storage case. 

2) They give indication if any tools are missing or lost

It's easy to forget to put a tool back in place at the end of a job or workday. Small tools can also be misplaced or overlooked if you are in a hurry or working quickly. Foam inserts are an excellent answer to this issue. Since the inserts contain the impressions of the items that must go into the case or toolbox, you can easily see at a glance whether or not anything is missing as you repack the tools. Tool control foam inserts (or shadow boards) let you confirm that every tool has a designated place. This increases your productivity by reducing the time you might spend searching for lost tools. 

3) They are highly effective at absorbing shock

In addition to keeping the tools from moving or becoming lost within a storage box, foam inserts also provide peace of mind that any impact to the transit case won't adversely affect the equipment. As cautious as you may be while transporting the tools, the exterior case can still be tossed around or dropped. The best way to avoid any potential damage from the resulting shock of this hard impact is to use specially designed foam inserts. The foam acts as a cushion for the tools and compresses when necessary to shield everything inside the case. You can choose the right foam absorbency for your needs by taking into account the specific tools and storage cases that you have. 

Foam inserts for your industrial tools can be extremely beneficial for your business. From properly safeguarding your equipment to preventing lost tools, foam inserts are the perfect solution to protect your essential items from damage.