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Tips When Using Zinc-Nickel Finishing Services

Putting protective coatings on materials like metal can be advantageous for a lot of reasons. Zinc-nickel plating — for example — comes with added corrosion-resistance and strength for the metal that receives it. When pursuing zinc-nickel finishing services, these tips will help you have fabulous results.

Opt For Good Throwing Power

You might have some metals that have a bunch of recesses or holes. These unique design elements need to be accounted for when putting a zinc-nickel finish on materials that have these elements. Otherwise, your finishing results may not be what you hoped for.

You'll have no worries if you ensure the zinc-nickel finishing services a company provides have good throwing power. This essentially means the nickel finish is applied evenly on all surfaces of the material that is being worked on. There won't be any vulnerable areas that won't be able to benefit from the zinc-nickel finish.

See if Materials Are Compatible

Even though zinc-nickel finishing is a pretty versatile type of coating, it's only designed to work effectively on certain materials. Thus, before you find a company to carry out this finishing service, you want to make sure your target materials are compatible.

You can save yourself a long guessing game by just asking the finishing company you work with. Tell them what materials you need to have a zinc-nickel finish applied to. Typically, finishing companies will tell you that iron and steel materials are best for this special type of coating.

Verify Quantity Is Supported

Once you make sure zinc-nickel finishing is right for your materials, you want to speak to the company to also make sure they can handle the quantity of materials you plan on having this nickel finish applied to.

Some finishing companies are more capable than others in regards to large quantities at one time. It may depend on how many clients they're currently working with besides yourself or the number of special equipment they have.

Just gather their input and see what can be done on a timeframe that works best for your operations. This approach will help you avoid future issues.

Zinc nickel plating is a very special type of coating that can be applied to certain metals to make them more durable and capable of holding up in special environments. If you're careful about how you have these finishing services carried out by a company, you'll benefit in a major way. 

To learn more about zinc-nickel plating, reach out to a local plating and finishing company.