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Tips When Buying A Rethreading Die

Over the years, the threads on bolts and screws can become rusted. Instead of just leaving them in this condition, you can restore them using rethreading dies. If this special tool can benefit your operations, then this advice will prove vital to a successful shopping experience.

Find an Optimal Size

In order to get the most effective cutting results when using a rethreading die, you need the right size. There are a lot of standard options, but your choice will depend on the particular nuts or bolts you're trying to fix.

The simplest way of getting the right die size is gathering figures of your nuts and bolts. Specifically, the diameter is helpful in finding a rethreading die that's compatible. If you don't already know this figure, you'll want to physically measure the distance and be as thorough as you can be.

Make Sure Reliefs Are Provided

When using a rethreading die, you want to have a smooth time cutting the nut or bolt that has developed rust. This cutting action can be effortless if you actively search for rethreading dies with reliefs.

They create a small window of space that can drastically reduce friction. Then when you're trying to cut a nut or screw, you can smoothly force the die down and up without any issues. 

The number of reliefs provided varies from die to die, but you'll be better off going with as many reliefs as possible for optimal cutting action.

Go With a Hardened Steel

If you plan on using this rethreading die a lot to cut various nuts and bolts, then hardened steel is a phenomenal material to look for. Then the die will hold up no matter what sort of actions you put it through. 

You can be as rough as you want with hardened steel and not have to worry about damaging the die structurally. This plays a huge factor because even the slightest imperfections with rethreading dies can negatively affect the way they cut. Also, hardened steel dies won't have to be replaced for years and can take abuse caused by outside elements.

If you have nuts or screws with rust, a rethreading die is an important tool for getting the threads in great shape again. You can buy this helpful tool correctly by understanding exactly what materials you're working with and knowing what designs can help you have the best cutting actions. 

For more information about rethreading dies, reach out to a local professional.