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3 Tips For Buying Door Lite Kits For Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are important because they provide security and protection and can be improved when you install door lite kits. Door lite kits are add-ons for commercial doors that are installed to make your business a lot safer. They provide light exactly where you need it so you can make a quick exit in an emergency. You will also illuminate your business during power outages when you install door lite kits. These four tips are helpful so you can modify your commercial doors with the perfect kit.

1. Think hard about which door you want to install the lite kit for

Door lite kits can be installed for wooden doors just as well as metal doors. Explore your business to figure out which corners or segments of your building need this improvement. A lite kit is essential for security because you'll be able to quickly see when someone is entering or exiting through the door. Choose carefully when installing an add-on to your door so that it gives you the best visibility and the best use.

2. Consider the safety glass, materials, and protections

A door lite kit is made with different combinations of glass and metal. Check the impact ratings for any safety glass that you buy, and buy fire-rated glass so that it is even more useful in the event of an emergency. If you buy insulated glass, it can also be helpful at keeping your business warm also. Research the different protections so that you make the correct decisions.

3. Choose and design the right frame to go with it

The frame happens to be one of the most important parts of the door lite kit. If the frame isn't solid, it can be a bigger distraction to the door than a supporter. Some kinds of door lite kit frames you might select include welded frames, masonry frames, and borrowed lite frames. Locks, door closers, and exit device hinges are a crucial part that pieces it all together, so be sure to buy all of the right equipment. 

Make sure it's the right size and get it installed correctly. Some door frame sizes 5 x 35, 6 x 56, 7 x 22, 8 x 18, and 12 x 12. Get measurements and fitting as well so that the door lite kit is perfect for any commercial door.

It takes some work, but you'll be glad about the door lite frame kit that you install. Contact a company like All Metal Stamping that provides door lite kits.