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Cooling Tower Systems: A Look At The Common Parts And Their Purposes

Cooling towers are a valuable part of a lot of industrial operations. If your company relies on these towers, it can be helpful to know some of the parts that commonly have to be replaced. 

Water Level Switches 

Water level switches are small switches that are designed to kick on and off as the water level changes with the tank. For example, when the tank is in the process of refilling automatically, a water level switch will turn on to allow water in and then kick off to shut down the water inlet valve or faucet. These switches repeatedly kick on and off in a cooling tower that is used on a regular basis. Therefore, it is not uncommon for these switches to go bad and require replacement. Companies that rely on these cooling towers for everyday operation tend to keep a supply of replacement switches on hand.  


Thermocouples are used in an array of different equipment pieces that either heat or cool water, including the typical cooling tower. Thermocouples are found in the instrumentation system of a cooling tower, and most large-scale towers will have a series of these units in place that work all at the same time. These parts are responsible for measuring the temperature of the water, so their purpose is incredibly important. One bad thermocouple can provide poor temperature readings and change the function of the tower, so replacement is often a necessity. 

Drift Eliminator 

The drift eliminator in a cooling tower is tasked with removing the smaller particles of moisture from the air inside the cooling tank. These eliminators capture those moisture particles and reintroduce them back into the water supply, which means they cut down on water loss within the system. While drift eliminators are usually relatively long-lived, they can occasionally have to be replaced. 

Cooling Tower Fans 

Most cooling towers will have a series of fans implemented at the top of the tower. The obvious purpose of these fans is to regulate the airflow temperature inside of the tower, so it is critical that each fan is properly functioning. If a single fan goes bad, it can change the cooling capacity of the entire tower, so rapid replacement is a must to maintain the use of the full system. Thankfully, the cooling fans on these towers tend to be some of the easiest parts to replace, so a repair is not a lengthy process. 

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