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Renting Industrial Equipment For Your Job Site

Equipment rental services have been around for a long time, but many of them carry things aimed at homeowners and tradespeople that are looking for smaller tools and equipment. Renting large commercial equipment is still sometimes an option through a rental company, but you need to find one that deals with industrial equipment rental.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment rental companies carry large equipment that may be rented for a longer duration of time than a standard rental company would deal with. Things like handtools may be available, but in most cases, the types of things you rent from an industrial equipment rental company include things like excavators, cranes and even portable power generation or HVAC systems.

You can rent these things for a short period of time, but many times clients working with these rental companies need a solution that will involve renting for several weeks instead of several days. That does not mean if you need a mini excavator for the weekend that you couldn't rent it, but if you need that same equipment for a month, you could arrange that with an industrial equipment rental company.

Types of Equipment 

The kinds of things industrial equipment rental companies offer include things like forklifts for your warehouse. If you have a forklift, but it is not working, you can rent a forklift to use until yours is fixed. The rental company will even deliver the rental forklift to your business, in most situations. 

For construction companies that need a front-end loader or an excavator on the job site, an industrial equipment rental company can provide the equipment for a job. The equipment can be rented short term, but if you need it for the duration of the job, you can make arrangements to keep it on sire for as long as you need it. 

You may need to show that you have operators with experience on the equipment before you rent it, so talk to the rental company about the requirements that they have for renting equipment. 

Maintenance and Repair

Often the rental company will handle the service and maintenance on the machines to ensure they are not going to break down during your rental period as well. If something does go wrong with the equipment while you are renting it, contact the industrial equipment rental company and let them know. 

The rental company will send someone out to your job site to check the equipment and determine if a replacement unit is needed or if the one you have can be repaired onsite.