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Reasons To Get Your Water Heater Serviced In The Spring

Your water heater is an important part of your home and yet it can often be overlooked even when it comes to regular home maintenance. You might walk past your heater in the garage or basement but you don't truly "see" it until there's a problem. If you want to keep a problem from actually happening in the first place, your water heater will need regular maintenance at least once per year. Here's why this spring is the perfect time to get any water heaters on your property looked at by a professional.

It Is Easier to Get an Appointment

The winter season is when many water heater specialists are booked solid. People obviously can't go through the coldest time of year without a functioning water heater, so this is the time of year when there are more installations and repair and maintenance appointments. Your water heater is still important during the other seasons of course, but by spring, demand for water heater specialists will hopefully die down a bit. This means you can get someone out to look at yours in a timely fashion. You might also be able to snag a deal from a plumber or water heater specialist who is looking to drum up more business outside of the winter months.

Spring Cleaning Applies to Your Water Heater Too

The winter season is known for wreaking havoc on your pipes and/or plumbing. If your pipes or heater experienced any issues the previous winter, you'll want to get your entire system looked at to make sure it's capable of servicing your family in the way that you need it for another year. Winter tends to put more wear and tear on your water heater than the other seasons, so the end of winter or beginning of spring is the perfect time for a check-up.

Flushing Once a Year is Important

You might think you can handle a basic maintenance check on your water heater, but for best results, you should really be flushing out the water and removing any sediment build-up at least once per year. Again, since the winter season tends to see more water heater use than the others, the first month of spring is the best time to get your water heater running like new again. Draining your tank to remove the sediment is not a basic maintenance task and it's best to leave this to a professional.

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