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4 System Designs To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Commercial Heating

During the winter months, the cost of keeping your business warm and comfortable can be expensive. Therefore, it may be time to start considering upgrades and improvements that can help your business save. You may want to consider summer makeovers to your heating system with energy designs that include solar, geothermal, and biomass heating solutions. The following summer heating renovations will help you cut your business's energy costs next winter:

1. Invest in a Geothermal Mechanical and Energy System Design

Geothermal energy could be one of the best investments to provide your business with an energy-efficient heating solution. This is because these systems can be complete energy systems that provide thermal energy and exchange for HVAC and commercial refrigeration. If you are looking for a more complete commercial energy system, talk with your commercial heating contractor about options for geothermal energy for the needs of your business.

2. Use a Smaller and More Affordable Biomass Heating System

Biomass mass can be some of the most affordable fuel systems that you can install in your business. These are great solutions to add a reliable renewable fuel heating system to your business. These systems are boilers that use organic waste materials as a fuel source to provide thermal energy for heat exchangers or conventional radiant heating systems that are installed in your business.

3. Integrate Solar Energy Solutions Into Heating and Other Mechanical Systems

Another option that you will want to consider for renewable energy in your business is solar energy. This can be a solar thermal collector that provides thermal energy to a boiler or furnace to heat your business. These solar systems can also be conventional solar panels that are used to provide electricity to power various mechanical systems in your business, including components of your commercial heating system.

4. Invest in High-Efficiency Gas Commercial Heating Systems

Propane and natural gas are often energy sources that get overlooked when it comes to commercial heating systems. In fact, modern gas systems are highly efficient and burn clean natural gas fuels. These are a great solution for a durable heating system and can be combined or designed to work with geothermal heat exchangers and solar-thermal energy systems.

These are some of the summer heating renovations that will help you cut your business's energy costs next winter. If you are ready to start updating your business's heating systems, contact a commercial heating company like Mercury Tec to start planning renovations with some of these solutions.