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Well Pump Troubleshooting Guide To Find Problems Causing The Water To Never Make It To Your Home

When you have problems with your well pump, it means that there are problems with the running water in your home. Therefore, you need to be able to troubleshoot these problems quickly to get the water running in your home again. The following well pump troubleshooting tips will help you get to the bottom of the problems with the running water in your home.

Checking the Power and Pressure Switch to Make Sure the Well Pump Is Turning on Correctly  

The power switch for your well pump is one of the first things that you want to check. Make sure that the pump is turned on, and then check the pressure switch to make sure it is coming on when water needs to be drawn from the well. If the pressure switch is bad, replacing it will fix the problem and the water will be flowing to your home again.

Inspect the Pressure Tank to Ensure the Valve Is Working and Have It Repaired If It Is the Problem

The pressure tank is one of the most important components of your water well. It has a pressure release valve and a pressure valve that opens when water is drawn from the well. When the valve inside the tank opens, this sends a signal for the well pump to turn on. Problems with the pressure tank may cause the pump to not work, which can be solved by replacing it or repairing the valves.

Check the Well Casing to Ensure the Well Is Recharging for the Pump to Work and Get Water to Your Home

The well casing can sometimes be the problem that is causing your well pump to not work correctly. This is often due to sediments that clog the casing and the water levels getting lower during the summer months. To solve this problem, the pump repair service can remove the pump and flush the well casing to ensure the well is recharging with water as it is being used.

Inspecting the Pump Control Panel, Wiring, and Pipes for Problems That Could Be Causing the Issues

You will also want to check the main control panel of the well pump to make sure there are not any short circuits or problems causing the pump to not work. If the problem is with the pump control panel, a well pump repair service can replace it to get the system working again.

These are some of the problems with the well pump that could be causing trouble with the running water in your home. If you need help fixing well pump problems, contact a well pump repair service like David Cannon Well Drilling and talk to them about the problems you are having.